Blood Culture: installation Konteksty, Sokołowsko, Poland 2017


Selection of works on tabletop (2017)

top left: phial containing a PolyHIPE scaffold, used to replicate bone marrow in lab-based cultures of red blood cells, Biochemistry text book

middle left: Biochemistry text book showing black and white microscopic photographs of erythrocytes, black obsidian mirror

bottom left: fluorescent red acrylic disc, postcard showing black and white still from Blood of a Poet, a film by Jean Cocteau (1930)

right: fractured plastic petri dish containing red wine and water, slowly being absorbed by a postcard of an unfinished pencil drawing of the moon, on graph paper (Alison Turnbull, MK Gallery 2000)

Stills from video loop: Red Blood Cells in flask culture (2017)


Untitled_Force (2012) Nylon sculpture on light box

Data derived from AFM scan of artists blood

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